SDSHS Student Schedule Correction Request Form 2022-2023

Please carefully read the information regarding schedule corrections.  Schedule correction must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Missing a core class. English, Math, Science, Social Studies,
  2. Incomplete schedule. Must have 8 classes.
  3. Student is a senior and is missing a graduation requirement.
  4. Prerequisite course not completed.
  5. Scheduled for the same class twice.
  6. Student has earned credit for the class.
  7. Student would like to move up level to an AP or honors class, contingent on availability. 

**Be advised that we are unable to guarantee that the request will be approved, but it will be reviewed.

**Do not enter numerous requests for the same schedule correction. We review requests in the order in which they come.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: We are unable to fulfill requests for specific teachers, class periods, and/or lunch.

Schedule Request Form