SAT Registration


PLEASE follow these instructions carefully – once you are ISSUED a waiver, it is considered USED. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to print out your ADMISSION TICKET, which is verification that you are, INDEED, registered for the exam. Students are allowed 2 SAT testing waivers & 2 ACT testing waivers. Once, registered & ideally tested, students may receive a total of up to 8 college application waivers.


Go to the website

Click REGISTER & select the date for which you are registering and then click REGISTER NOW on the far right.

If you already have an account with, enter your user name & password.  If you do NOT have an account, click SIGN UP on the right and create an account.

Mrs. Delgado DOES NOT KNOW YOUR USER NAMES PASSWORDS – if you have forgotten yours or cannot get into your account YOU must contact The College Board & have them assess the problem & possibly issue you your password. The toll free number to do this is: 1-866-756-7346.

CODES/INFORMATION NEEDED to complete registration

Test type – for most, it will be the SAT Reasoning Test, that is the basic entrance exam ALL applicant take. SOME colleges/universities for SOME majors will require an applicant to take the SAT Subject Area Test. You should know if that applies to you.

Your high school code, South Dade’s is 100-700, this is to insure WE receive your score and so YOU don’t have to search for it & bring it to us at the very last possible minute should you need it for FCAT replacement).

Your test center code, WHERE you’re going to actually TAKE the test, South Dade’s TEST CENTER code for the SAT is 10-300.

Colleges/universities’ codes or names so they will receive yours score it is a good…NO, IT IS AN EXCELLENT idea to request your scores be sent to the school(s) you are applying to. You may send them to 4 schools for free (up to 8 with a fee waiver!) at the time of registration.

AFTER TAKING THE TEST, you will be charged for having scores sent to EACH SCHOOL ($10.50 per school, regular delivery; $30 per school, rush delivery)…so save time AND money by doing this at the time of registration.

Fee waiver code (if you are eligible) – this code is highlighted for you on the attached card; all SAT 12-digit waiver codes begin with “100700… then you simply add the rest of the pre-printed code from the card.

At this point you should be done & instructed to print your Admission ticket. AGAIN, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRINT THIS TICKET. You may print it at any time prior to the test date by going back into your account (with your user name & password…SO KEEP THAT HANDY!!!) and selecting PRINT ADMISSION TICKET. This Admission ticket is vital to have on test day as it will not only get you into the test center, but it also has your registration number on it & you will need that for your answer documents.