School History

South Dade Senior High School is located on 60 acres at the southernmost end of Miami-Dade County, Florida, and the oldest high school in the south.  South Dade is the quintessential high school that mirrors the Miami-Dade County School District’s demographic statics.  It is a unique and dynamic community that is multi-cultural and multi-ethic which spans the socioeconomic spectrum.

South Dade Senior High School opened in 1953.  Following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, the school building was repaired and a new science wing opened in 1995.  The student population has grown as housing developments at the northern and western end of the attendance zone boomed.  The high school traditionally situated in the middle of an agricultural area has transition into a suburban community which has caused a steady student population growth over the last several years. 

A state of the art facility with over 420,000 square feet opened in 2008 which is a closed campus.  In the center of the school is a large courtyard where students can eat lunch and socialize.  South Dade is currently structured as a magnet school with attendance boundary ensuring each student is enrolled in an academy/magnet program.