Band Audition Requirements:

  • Perform a prepared solo, Grade 3 or higher, from the FBA Solo list.  Solos do not need to be accompanied.
  • Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion applicants will perform the following types of scales, percussion applicants will perform on mallets: Six scales and arpeggios (in concert pitch) by memory: F, Bb, Eb, G, and C.  One octave chromatic scale by memory (in concert pitch) starting on Bb Concert.
  • Sight – Read music of average difficulty.  Percussion applicants will sight-read on mallets. 

All VPA Band Students must be a member of the Buccaneer Marching Band during the duration of high school.

Students in the band program cannot be involved in any other sport or activity that will interfere with afterschool rehearsals.

The Buccaneer Marching Band rehearses two or three evenings a week until mid-November.  The schedule will be announced in May.