Law Studies

The Law Studies Program offers comprehensive courses that enhance a student’s knowledge of the law and its’ practices.  Students participate in Mock Trials as defense and prosecuting attorneys, presenting cases before a panel of law students acting as jurors.  Students play various roles in a courtroom setting including attorneys, witnesses and defendants.

Law Studies avails students the opportunity to observe actual criminal and civil trials, commission meetings, and conduct research using various law related databases. In addition, students are exposed to various fields of law in which professional lawyers share their experiences during school visitations.

District held competitions such as Mock Trial and Debates, along with our close relationships with various colleges, universities, and law firms facilitate both internships and field experiences.  Graduates can further their education at a college or university level, work in a law office, or join the local, state, and federal law enforcement, or government regulatory and administrative agencies.

Program of Study Course Sequence for Law Studies Program

  • 9th grade: Comprehensive Law
  • 10th grade: Political Science (.05 credit) and International Law (.05 credit)
  • 11th grade: Constitutional Law
  • 12th grade: American Political System (.05 credit) and Ethics (.05 credit)