Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Program prepares students to further their education and careers in the Hospitality and Tourism field with a focus on employment in the Food Service part of the industry.  It provides technical skills through hands-on labs with real culinary experiences.  The program concentrates on all aspects of food preparation, presentation, and serving, as well as leadership, communication skills, employability skills, and safe/efficient work practices.  It prepares the students for two nationally recognized certifications in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.  One is the ServSafe Managers Program and the other is the ProStart Certification, both of which are sponsored by the National Restaurant and Lodging Association’s Educational Foundation.

Program of Study Course Sequence for the Culinary Arts Program

  • 9th grade: Culinary Arts I
  • 10th grade: Culinary Arts II
  • 11th grade: Culinary Arts III
  • 12th grade: Culinary Arts IV

Track 1: Culinary and Hospitality Management
Track 2: Bakery and Pastry
Track 3: Gastronomy & Garde Manger