Battalion Staff

Command Positions

A battalion cannot be successful without organization. With battalion command leadership is given to the battalion and it is easier for everyday tasks to be completed.

Battalion command is headed by the Battalion Commander, who is responsible for the final decision making on all matters within the cadet chain of command. He/She controls the coordinating officers through the Battalion Executive Officer and controls the companies through the company commanders. 

The Battalion Executive Officer supervises, directs, and coordinates the cadet battalion staff to ensure that all of the Battalion Commanders’ orders are understood and executed in a organized fashion.

The Command Sergeant Major is a senior enlisted cadet of the battalion that works directly with the Battalion Commander and supervises all color guards and flag details as well other duties that may be assigned.

The following listed are the battalions coordinating staff officers:

Battalion Adjutant (S-1)

The S-1 is the administrative assistant to both the Battalion Commander, Battalion Executive Officer, and the JROTC Instructors. He/She must maintain the records of all the cadets within the battalion which at South Dade Senior amount to approximately 480 cadets. He/She must also maintain all merit/demerit reports, qualification records, and more.

Security or Intelligence Officer (S-2) 

The S-2 assists the Battalion Commander and Instructors in maintaining unit security and enforcing the security requirements of the battalion. He/She must make periodic inspection of supply room as well as equipment storage areas to ensure nothing goes missing and all material can be located when needed. 

Operations and Training Officer (S-3)

The S-3 is the officer in charge of all preparation, conduct, and supervision of training activities within the battalion. He/She keeps the Battalion Commander up-to-date on all progress being made in the training activities that are held in or outside of school.

Logistics Officer (S-4)

The S-4 is responsible for the maintenance, security, issue, and turn-in of all cadet command inventory such as but not limited to: uniforms, ribbons, and awards. He/She keeps clothing and equipment records for all cadets within the battalion and is accountable for all supplies used by the unit.

Special Projects Officer (S-5)

The S-5 keeps the school website up-to-date, photographs all activities of the battalion, as well as posting current objectives on the battalion bulletin so that cadets are kept current on all battalion activity such as field trips and scholastic opportunities.

These positions are held by our very own cadets within the battalion and helps to develop the leadership needed for future success. The cadets holding these positions are chosen each year and may be chosen if they possess qualities of a leader and are up to the challenge of keeping a Army JROTC Battalion in top shape.