2020-2021 Subject Selection Forms

Please select the following link if you are a current 9th or 10th grade student, will be returning to South Dade next year, and you were NOT able to complete your class selection with your counselor.  If you have already completed your selection with your counselor, you do NOT need to complete this form.

Please select the following link if you are an incoming 8th grade student that attends one of our local middle schools zoned to South Dade SHS and/or South Dade is your home school.  This includes students who were absent when the SD counselors visited your school.

Please use the link below to access the AP Contract if you have selected to enter an Advanced Placement Course.  Placement in an AP course is not guaranteed and will determined by  course availability, teacher recommendation, grades in pre-requisite classes, GPA, and previous test scores. You may visit https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/ to learn more about AP Coursework.


Please complete the survey ONE time.