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Program Objectives 

To provide direct categorical services to migrant children who have a priority for services or are migrant category 1 or 2’s as defined by the migrant education program.To increase the number of bilingual educators through extensive professional development and field experience who are committed to meet the needs of migrant students in grades k-12. The school year programs evolved from the Mini-Corps Summer Program. The idea for a corps of people from rural migrant background to work not only in summer school, but in the regular school year was born, and put into action in 1974. The Mini-Corps students would use their talent and dedication to work in migrant impacted classrooms, and would be the link between the migrant community and the schools. They would be personally acquainted with each child and their family; they could share their hopes and frustrations. Most important, they would be role models that hopefully would raise the aspiration of migrant children. Through the summer and school-year programs the Mini-Corps students provide services to the migrant children.