The Academy of Finance (AOF) and Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) are members of the NAF Academy which introduces students to broad career opportunities that will provide them with the competitive edge necessary in today’s business world.  As part of the four-year academic track, students will have the ability to specialize in Entrepreneurship or Programming.  Our status as a member of the NAF ensures that our courses are intertwined with and guided by NAF to guarantee that student meet the college and career readiness sills necessary.  The Academy also builds confidence and inspires a sense of personal growth and motivation.  As a member of the academy they are eligible to join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

As a member of NAF AOF and AOIT we work diligently to help each student meet specific requirements in their program of study and an internship program that fulfills the NAFTrack Certification and prepares them for a career in the program of study.  Companies such as Optum, Lenovo, Capital One Bank, Cisco, Marriott, MasterCard, and American Express, etc. are giving special consideration to students that receive the NAFTrack Certification upon graduation. 

The Academy program also features extensive compensated internships during the summer, exposure through job shadowing and field trips, in house presentations, student conferences, and national scholarship opportunities.  Academy of Finance students are eligible to participate in the Future Bankers’ Camp which provides hands-on experience for high school students interested in careers within the financial services industry, and upon successful completion of the camp they are eligible to receive the American Bankers Association Bank Teller Certificate.  To-date more than thirty banks and financial institutions support the Future Banker’s Camp.

Students who chose the IT Technology track will receive the necessary foundations in programming (JAVA & Python) that will prepare them for the future in software development, programs such as MIT App Inventor.

Program of Study Course Sequence for Academy of Information Technology

  • 9th grade: Digital Information Technology
  • 10th grade: Foundations of Programming
  • 11th grade: Procedural Programming
  • 12th grade: Object-Oriented Programming

Students also can participate in a modified track that allows them to gain hands-on experience in installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and diagnosis of hardware device issues that arise with a stand-along computer or in a network setting.